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This project is delayed by at least one week. It is anticipated that the north 500 block alley construction will begin July 22nd.


Kansas Gas will be working in the downtown alleys beginning in mid July. The concrete will NOT be opened up but the project will require closing down the alleys to allow for utility locates and boring to run a new gas line and hook ups. Pedestrians should have access most of the time to your back door entrances. There will be no vehicular access to the alley while the work is being done. Trash and deliveries will need to be temporarily paused from the alleys. 


A centralized trash area will be designated for each alleyway. You will receive official notification via letter from Kansas Gas Service indicating the start date of your alley and when your trash service needs to be temporarily paused. The project will proceed one block at a time, and you will not be notified until before it is your block that will be affected. All trash in the alleys north and south of Poyntz from 3rd to 6th street will be impacted. Kansas Gas Service will be paying for the centralized trash daily pick ups.


This is the anticipated order of work. The work will last approximately 2 weeks per alley. 

  • North 500 block

  • North 400 block

  • North 300 block

  • South 500 block

  • South 400 block

  • South 300 block

  • Alley East of North 3rd Street


July 12


Kansas Gas Service in Alleys

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