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Week of the 24th:
The 3rd St. intersection is pending joint sealant and pavement markings. Date for re-opening TBD

The sidewalk (northside) of Houston, bulb-outs and parking lot entrance on Houston are all scheduled to be placed this week. 

There is still not sidewalk access to 322 Houston. Enter through the alley. The permanent sidewalk is scheduled to be placed this week. 


June 24


Houston Street Construction and Beautification Project

Getting Around

Parts of the sidewalk on 3rd Street where it intersects with Houston Street is closed. The sidewalks on both sides of Houston Street between 3rd and 4th Streets have portions closed, as well. Street closure signs are up all around the periphery of the area and can move with wind, so please take care when walking nearby.


There is absolutely no access to cross Houston street by way of 3rd Street. Houston Street between 3rd and 4th streets will be closed throughout Phases I and II. You can drive through mall parking or on 4th Street to access streets north and south of Houston Street. 


As of now, no parking lots in the area are closed. Construction crews from the Houston Street and Museum of Art + Light are directed to park in mall parking in the southwest corner. 


322 Houston office can only be accessed from the alley. 324 Speakeasy and Wine Dive can only be accessed from the 4th Street. Town Pavilion can only be accessed through the east entrance. 

Accessing Businesses

Access Map

Phase Map

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